About Andy 

Andy Mahony is the owner of Founder and owner of center Algarve the story startes with 24 x7 cars that consists on providing transport  for kids with special needs schools  


Andy why did you form the 24×7 Special Needs Holiday Trust ?

After being heavily involved in the Special Needs field for many years, and often arranging free transportation for charity fun day trips,I was approached by a member of staff, Annette Courtney (Now a Trustee), enquiring if he knew of any facilities that would cater for her fourteen year old daughter whom she had never been able to take away.  Andy soon established that Special Needs Schools, Centres and families alike all struggle to arrange educational trips, find short breaks and take holidays abroad due to a lack of facilities across the whole of Mainland Europe.

Astonished by this and the fact that many main stream schools send pupils far and wide these days, with children discovering many wonderful exciting new experiences, this was just not right. Opportunities should be accessible to all and not only limited to mainstream schools and families. After unsuccessfully trying to find a suitable place for Annette to take her daughter on holiday, we decided that the time had come for change. As always the 24×7 Group would have to raise the barrier so everybody could enjoy holidays abroad no matter what their disability.

Our Mission

With the creation of Centre Algarve, we would ensure that not only can schools and centres now be in the position to arrange trips so their students can experience foreign cultures and adventures in a safe environment. But also, individuals can enjoy a holiday catering for all their needs. Our facilities could even be used for rehabilitation and not just holidays. We have now donated all fourteen rooms to injured service personnel for two weeks a year for the next five years.

Our Vision

Centre Algarve is to be accessible to all and that means EVERYBODY. The 24×7 Special Needs Holiday Trust was created as a registered UK charity to financially assist where it could. The trust is constantly looking at ways to raise funds to send people to Centre Algarve for a well-deserved break, turning their wishes into a reality.

Centre Algarve has created a safe environment for everybody to enjoy, a facility which was dedicated to catering for specialist and individual needs.

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