Facilities that cater for your every need

  • 14 air-conditioned bedrooms, 2 with 250 sq ft en-suite hygiene rooms
  • Wet rooms with shower and fold down chair
  • Toilets in every room with en-suite bathrooms
  • Washing machine facilities available
  • Overhead hoist available in hygiene rooms
  • 8 ground floor fully wheelchair accessible bedrooms
  • All lower areas are fully wheelchair accessible
  • Restaurant available for breakfast, lunch and evening meals
  • Discovery Centre incorporating education centre
  • Soft play/Sensory room
  • American themed diner and children’s kitchen
  • Lounge area
  • Café with outside and covered relaxation area
  • Sensory gardens
  • Children’s safe and wheelchair accessible petting zoo
  • Swimming pool with hoist
  • Paddling pool and therapeutic hot tub
  • Sanded play area with swings and slides as well as a grassed play area
  • The entire complex is securely fenced and gated with CCTV in operation


Swimming and paddling pool

Owl It is a known fact is that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and it can have great therapeutic effects. Our swimming and paddling pool are a great place to enjoy your break and relax whilst knowing your family, friends and those in your care are in full view all in an area that is enclosed for safety and security. Access to this levelled area is via a locked gate and door with keypad.

Their is plenty of room for everyone the pool has especially designed wide steps with a grab rail and is accessible via a seated hoist if required. We also have a small shallow paddling pool for children who are unsure of water and maybe feel unsafe in the larger pool.

The swimming pool area also has an outside shower, toilet facilities, sun lounge area tables and chairs. Towels and arm bands are available for your use. There is also a Jacuzzi pool which is both for fun and therapy.Enjoy your lunch and refreshments by the pool whilst choosing what other great facilities you would like to take advantage of whilst staying at The centre Algarve.Remember it is important to always use the right strength suntan oil or location the sun can be lovely but does need your respect.Some refreshment drinks are available as part of your stay during the day.For their safety children must be supervised at all times please see parental information and risk assessment prior to using the area.If you decide to stay for the day and enjoy the pool you can book a dinner at the restaurant which is close to the pool area.We suggest that you bring all the necessary swimming aids with you to enjoy the pool facilities however some equipment such as goggles are available to purchase from the reception.


Animal experience and petting zoo

As an integral part of staying with us all guests can have an up-close encounter with our collection of Animals. We have provided a selection of Animals to invigorate the senses and to have educational encounter it is something unique, fun and different to brighten the day.

Our Animals have been carefully selected for our programs and we will ensure that they will be suitable for all our guests to interact with.  Animal enclosures have been designed by one of the UK’s leading Animal enclosure experts and built with the animal’s welfare in mind; you will see that all enclosures have plenty of room and shade. Animal enrichment is key to there welfare and happiness so they have different items to keep them occupied.

Wander though the main paddock along with our Chickens, Peacocks, Doves, Guinea Fowl, Ducks and Miniature Goats enjoy the Potbellied Pigs and Goats in a second secure paddock.

In our petting area we have large variety of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. Two fish ponds with Turtles, Goldfish, Frogs and a variety of other life. We also have Chickens. Quail Ducks and Geese all producing eggs that can be collected. One of the largest families of Tortoises you will ever see awaits you at Centre Algarve comprising of some 40 family members including mum, dad and offspring from the past 7 years. Several varieties of Squirrel that will not be seen in the UK including tri colour, flying and five stripe. Many of our Parrots have been donated by their former owners.

Sensory garden

The therapeutic advantages of touch and smell is well known and the sensory garden at the Centre Algarve has been designed for our special needs guests to experience multiple senses. This means that the plants that we have grown, have a nice or interesting feel, like our soft Lambs Ear, together with plants that are scented and beautiful to look at. Some of our flower beds are raised, to enable guests in wheelchairs to have a closer look and feel.

Taste of nature
On the premises we have several orange trees that have been on site for many years where guests can pick lovely fresh oranges.
We also have other trees that you can pick from including Fig, Pomegranate, Almond, Carib, Lemon, Olive, Tangerine, Apple, Pear, Nectarine, Plumb, Avocado, Cherry and a Mulberry tree, vines. We also have many old and beautiful Palm trees. Our sensory vegetable garden also supplies us with lettice, tomato, potato, onion, cucumbers, carrots and many other tasty treats.

Sounds and animals The sound of our fountain together with trickling water and unique sound of our wonderful selection of colourful birds will enlighten the senses of all.

Flora and Forna

Our extensive gardens attracts a mixture of natural insects, butterflies, birds and other animals. Plants that are poisonous or have thorns have been avoided to ensure we create a safe environment to explore and enjoy.

Parents evening relaxation area
We have a wonderful outdoor relaxation area where parents and carers are able to unwind and relax maybe sharing a glass of wine and stories of the day with others, whilst reassuringly being in sight of their accommodation.

Sensory Room

he Discovery Centre has a multisensory and soft play room which allows visitors to experience different light, sound and tactile sensations.

The room is available for use free of charge by all of our visitors it will be of particular interest to visitors of all ages with learning difficulties and physical impairments.

Multisensory rooms have been shown to enhance sensory development (hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch), increase hand/eye coordination, promote language development and encourage relaxation.

The room includes the following equipment:
• Fibre-optic wall carpet
• Soft floor and wall protection
• Hoist
• Music play out system
• Interchangeable projector
• Visual and sound touch screen
• Galaxy star projector
• Colour wash wall lighting

Whether you want to give your child a head start in life, support an individual with special needs or simply wind down after a stressful shopping trip, our sensory room is open to you. It can be booked at the reception at the centre Algarve.


Superb evening in support of Portuguese families seeking a holiday with special needs children. So proud to have been part of this experience.”

awny Lonsdale

Excellent facilities for families and a wonderful little zoo.

Mike Thompson

A Sensory Room has been an invaluable resource for us. Our son has special needs so we use the room frequently and I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate the use of it. On first using this room, our son had very little speech, poor eye contact and struggled with interaction. He also has sensory issues. He loves the lighting. This room has enabled us to gain interaction with him. His eye contact has improved immensely, he learnt his colours which he is intrigued by. Well done and thank you’’


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